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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 21, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 5:30 >>pam: the cleanup underway. this weekend's storm downed trees all across the bay area. this in san francisco and likely to be more. another big storm is getting ready to move and. jackson is here with the forecast. and it is getting ready to move in mid-jacqueline--? >>jacqueline: with bricks of sunshine and warmer temperatures. with breaks of sunshine--we're saying today at least for the rest of today? >>jacqueline: yes. however, let us take a look at the stormtracker 4. you can see clear conditions. showers. a
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wide view, from some showers pushing through. notice those showers indicated by the yellow, with the central valley. because of those storms we just mentioned temperatures are a little bit warmer. the the six in santa rosa, up 87 in concord, antioch, fairfield. in 56 in santa rosa. and 57 in concord, antioch, fairfield. 58 and san jose. chilly conditions with clearing overnight. dry conditions in the morning but the afternoon commute is going to be difficult with the rain/wind. i will tell you all about it coming up. storm >>pam: cleanup is going to be a problem for at least one of broadway. in oakland hills. a haazig madyun shows you where. at least one- broadway. >>reporter: heavy roadway
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saturating this roadway with this huge-roadway. right here on a thorn deal drive. in oakland hills. born dea thofr nickit is 8 access drive, called for an daberra hthorndale >> sometimes we can always get through. sometimes rocks, debris. corporate, not at this magnitude. haazig madyun public-works the purposes of this road f. thorndale will assess the damage to make sure it is a before anybody to come out and clean it up. in oakland hills, haazig madyun >> public-works crews of been trying to keep up with all the working requests-
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14/california has been take off until crews to get to it. this added to over the 136 service call requests. totaling 13,000 lbs. of green waste. runs of downed trees like this one. just from the blog is this large tree branch. just 11 block public works says they're making good progress and priority calls that are blocking driveways have been taken the first one to get cleared. >>pam: the man was killed in this weekend's has been identified as alexander na gel was a freak accident as his car was crushed with a falling tree he was driving to work. on kelly rd on a
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corporate napa 10:20 p.m. he worked at a wine labeling company 9:00 a.m., this road finally opened. this storm pounded the area. this storm caused a huge mess inside this big lots and granada hills. heavy rorainfall caused the roof to partially collapsed with to bridebris however, no customers or workers were hurt. >> the murder trial of a journalist, chauncey the leak.chauncey bailey--a court ordered killing are both going to trial he was gunned
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down and 2007. a pg&e pipeline inspection has uncovered a flawed see-- seam well similar to the san bruno explosion. 38 homes destroyed. previously, the only problem was on the run under san bruno was the secen of the rupture site. in santa clara, a $4.5 million redevelopment towards the san francisco 49ers. this money faces being taken by the state. if a if a legislator does goes away with legislative lawmaking efforts. >>pam: also governor jerry brown is turning to you tube to appeal to voters. and how
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the voters should deal with the $26 billion budget shortfall. and so far, he is wanting to let the people decide weather to extend a temporary tax benefits. or, to make deeper cuts. a live look at ocean beach a high surf advisory. people want should take care, and please use caution walking along the coast. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: dow jones up 178 points. about 12,000. for the first time since the nuclear crisis. part of the reason was a major telecommunications deal. and gabe slate's tech report at&t acquisition of t mobile. >> a cash stock deal of $39 billion. it will make at&t the largest cellphone
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carrier in the u.s.. this acquisition would give at&t a 129 wireless subscribers and putting them ahead of verizon with 10 2 million at&t would have 129 million. the current t mobile and at&t customers need to know is that this needs to be approved by regulators in washington d.c.. and the department of justice have to decide on it. they could turn it down. giving at&t too much to applaudpower--and if this does go through? it would take one year and officially go through. in the immediate future, at&t/t mobile seen no change to their service. when and if? it brings up a lot of questions. will it improve mobile reception? the combination of these two networks? it should greatly improve both the networks if the combined. that could be a good thing for at&t and t mobile. what about the cheap
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t mobile wireless plans? with much cheaper plans an at&t-rise in? consumers have signed up for their great low-cost. it is likely that these will go away. customers can choose more price plans and a page on the web with facts about this merger with common questions/answers the consumers might have. to check this out? gabe slate's tech report it might look like the rain is tapering off but will not be long before it returns. details coming up. fast how this is
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in the senec
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>>pam: these rules are changing on the car seats. new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics. kate thompson. >> previously parents recall that when a baby is one
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year-old it is ok to turn that car seat around. however, that american pediatrics is changing that recommendation. >> now, we are saying that any child of two years old. >>reporter: brine is a certified kerstin specialist. brian--with three different car seats understanding the changes can be confusing. >> at the two years old is the limit is better to keep your child we're facing because it is better for body in a development in a- collision--- >>reporter: finally the other big changes is for booster seats briar recommendations were for somebody that was 6 years old six 60 lbs. now it is
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between 8-12 years out oold and4 ft. 9 in. and this is for a seat belts. they do not want the seat belt cutting across their neck. they know that your child has outgrown this one again fit all the way back into the back seat. with their knees bent over the core. in their feet are touching the ground. over kate thompson. >>pam: national news, a yoga store in maryland, a murderer. a co-worker try to stopper, a 28 year-old brittany was beating her co- worker to death. no word on what she was tried to steal. >>pam: and texas, a standoff a customer was so enraged with the price of bread went up to the fired air gun at a employee and
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then a officer and barricaded himself into a hotel room. >>pam: hundreds of cemetery bodies in cook county and 2009. to resell these land plots. they removed and to know archaeologists have found that it could be closer to 500. >>pam: to borrow faa wild fire n colorado, it is dry, windy to the which means that it is going to be easy for that fire to spread. it started yesterday morning and it is likely to% contained. a texas construction worker who was it is of the-50% contained. >>pam: dallas wonder what the first lawful faced transplant. 30 doctors and nurses worked for 15 hours
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to complete this. it was paid by the bulk u.s. military because the military wants to learn how to help soldiers with severe facial bones. u.s. democrat nancy pelosi is out of the hospital in rome. she is resuming her schedule in italy after being taken to hospital in the realm. no details on exactly what was wrong. she was not feeling well and taken to hospital in rome. she is expected to hold talks with italian officials including the defense minister. >> pain at the pump continues. gasoline prices went up another 75 over the past two weeks. pushing the national average to $3.71. that is 705 higher than this time, last year. here is the average price are run the bay area. san francisco = $4.20 per gallon. $3.98, and
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open, 397 and san francisco $4 an25 >>jacqueline: video from heavenly ski resort. a lot of snow to the sierras and will continue to see more as this builds up for the next couple of days. the stormtracker 4 is showing a stronger storms pushing through tomorrow. and wednesday morning. locally. and from tuesday and wednesday snowfall through the sierras. a second storm pushing through and we could raise these skillful totals as this gets closer. priestley's snowfall-totals as this gets closer and already will have to raise the snowfall totals as the system gets closer. and by 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. things are going to start to slow down. stormtracker 4 radar
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is showing that clear conditions behind the scattered storms and we're seeing today. the cloud coverage is not far behind. it will impact us tomorrow afternoon. already a flood watch in effect for the quirkin--carquiens straits and a saturated ground. it is like watering a potted plant. the ground is very similar. flooding included low lying areas with oversaturation. futurecast is showing that the rainfall to the coast with heavier will weather cells. that is where it will stay at 9:00 the heaviest rainfall will stay at 11:00 a.m., to the north bay and the central valley. it will make its way to the overnight valley and and showers by wednesday morning commute. a little bit of a
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brake on wednesday afternoon. however, it returns rebecca on thursday. stronger activity between one half inch and it returns rebecca on thursday. the rain chance also is lingering right back on thursday >>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: i talked about this homeless encampment. it is located next to these homes people living in these horrible conditions with trash and rotten food. the police and a cleanup crew of right and start the process of removing the garbage >> basically, the san francisco police department came through here. told us that we cannot be here because people started complaining. i do not know what they are complaining because we keep to ourselves what do not make any noise. i have a dog. >>stanley: that is the
5:52 pm
dogh his name is bubba and now they have to move. >> i'm going to sorter my things. >>stanley: some of their trash has been removed. this is what it looked like before and this is what it looked like after. the working crews will be back. and is on these overpasses were a brand new a mattress in the plastic bag has made its way. people underneath the overpass of no knowledge of this cleanup. for them, it is business as usual. whatever the case, i ask what their plans are of thomas and jennifer. they will find a new home. i asked others why not just go to a shelter? after all, it is only one block away. most say there is no privacy or
5:53 pm
they will be treated poorly. and i asked thomas how he became homeless. his response was a few bad choices. and the san jose, stanley roberts. f >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m we will be back after the break. (music) [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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coast guard patrol >> kimberlee: the rescue, take a look at this the coast guard springing into action to rescue a california family of the coast of catalina. the swim over to the sailboat to make sure that everybody was okay. the coast guard arrives to get the family back to shore, safely. take a look of this water gushing into a pennsylvania neighborhood. faster than that they could contain it earlier this afternoon a
5:57 pm
mindful of water burst. several homes was fold with muddy waters. the 400 lb. sumo wrestler. the heaviest demand to compete a marathon. the los angeles marathon nine hours, 52 seconds. this is video and 2008. he said that he was released truckling the last 5 mi.. and if i have to crawl i will? he was really struggling-test the last 5 mi.. >> this rottweiler is a home town in michigan, she learned from our dad. the kcanine does this in style. with a matching cololar >> the beautiful skyline of
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san francisco coming up at kron 4 news of 6:00 p.m. kron 4 news of 6:00 p.m. work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy with a natural treat ♪ ♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪ ♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy
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barry bonds becke6:00 p.m. back in trial, what happened and if that question there--to the potential jurors. mudslide, doubletrees. and how the bay area is cleaning up from the rough weather with-and downed trees and the next round will hit. >> the epa on the air quality in connection to japan. >>pam: the iphone application the claims if can help gays and lesbians coast righgo straight-- >>pam: barry bonds goes back to federal court with charges of perjury. lying to
6:01 pm
a federal grand jury that he said he never used steroids. expert analysis and they examine, as with the mistress is talking to playboy about. dan kerman as telling us what happened today. >> giants slugger barry bonds are right in federal court in san francisco today to face charges that he lied to a grand jury. about use of performance enhancing drdrugs. also with one count of obstruction of justice. monday was using a 14-member jury what is expected to be a four-week trial. after extensive jury questionnaire they were passed additional questions. prosecutors asked if anybody was a giants fan most said yes. and if anybody think was barry bonds was singled out? also the government involvement in steroids. and that congress should not
6:02 pm
held hearings. defense attorneys said they heard about the case but asked if they could put that aside and focus just on the evidence in the trial. one prospective a juror said that barry bonds has already been tried and he did not get a fair trial. eight women, four-man, and female alternates were selected. and decide the fate. >> these people are going to be the true experts in this case. the need to be that and want them to be that. >>reporter: opening arguments on tuesday. at the same time, the personal trip turner, greg anderson will be called. the personal- trader, he has refused to testify in this because of that? he's a federal prison. >>pam: michael cardozoa and
6:03 pm
how to make a jury to hear? it is just about lying. >> the prosecutors really have to get in and explain to this jury that perjury is right at the heart of our judicial system. when to take that out you cannot get on that that witness stand and lie. if you do? you have committed a crime. in a case like this i know that some of the jurors are going to sit back and say why are we dealing with this? why not just leave this to baseball. allegedly using steroids while playing baseball and weather or not he gets into the hall of fame. when we leave it to baseball? why does the government with this type of money investigating this? >>pam: hurdles have to over,? what about the fact that since he is a well- known and bend in the public eye. people of strong
6:04 pm
opinions one way or another. and with his career and how does this impact what is going to be happening. >> i tell all of my clients before we go to trial if the jury likes you they are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt. if they do not like you? it is going to be a difficult trial. in this case they try to weed out the people that have very strong feelings about barry bonds. believe me, people have strong feelings. i think that he is one of the greatest baseball players, ever. and then personally, and i do not think that this is one of the best human beings. >>pam: high profile? who can expect? jason >> bobby and when he was playing, and what were you taking? and those are the types of players. he may
6:05 pm
testify and talk about greg anderson and say i got my stuff. and i got the " juice " from greg. >>pam: we anticipate that greg anderson is going to.. go back to jail tomorrow. what about kimberly battle? we have heard a lot about her and the up-the kimberlee bell the voice mails are trying to get admitted as evidence. what type of role will she play? >> what is interesting is how she will cross-examine. she comes and right at his separation of barry bonds the began to date and she fell in love. at some point she came home and announces that he is going to mary elizabeth. yet he keeps the affair with kimberly. they go on from there. kimberlee will testify at some point
6:06 pm
that he starts to change it becomes more violent. he starts to treat her differently. it all changes. she will testify that he told her that he was using steroids that is foolish to testify. >>pam: michael, thank you so much. and since we're ca talking about kimberly belton, and j.r. has been searching through a lot of the files. and j.r.? no stranger to the press. >>reporter: you guys of mentioning this a little bit but kimberly belton it is almost as if you're reading people magazine. kimberlee bell--she is booked to sports illustrated, fox news, and playboy. and not only did she talk about what happened behind closed doors she also showed her body. >>pam: is there any sense that this could impact the
6:07 pm
case good or bad? >> a could be good or bad to what to focus on saying that she is after money, fame. >>pam: the defense. >> the defense. many people know her story and if you're not familiar? take a look. this is her. >> this is kimberly bell and if you did not know who she is? will likely be hearing about her and barry bonds soon. it was her-his former mistress. and she is set in past interviews that barry bonds knew exactly what he was doing. >> he was telling me that you wish using steroids. >> in the pages of playboy and 20 07, the pages of pictures he also she also stay-its that he was providing specifics of the use of steroids.
6:08 pm
>> going from a lead athlete to be a football linebacker, and >> they're trying to discredit bell and she only one's fortune and fame. james r. stone, kron 4 news. the >>pam: continuing coverage of the perjur perjury trial. for up-to-the-minute information. if (music) >> jacqueline: the live look outside. puffy clouds the we've seen throughout the today here, there, for the most part, that is pressing out. that the green on your screen is lightening up. with clear skies for a little while. clouds early tomorrow. and rain by the afternoon. current conditions will be a bit
6:09 pm
warmer. " tonight, to be six in concord. and 54 in the north bay 56 in concord. what can we expect tonight and into tomorrow. clearing tonight with temperatures dropping. chilly tomorrow morning but mainly dry. the afternoon rain will but return and the possibility of thunderstorms and it is going to be breezy. i will tell you all about it coming up. we will be back after this break.
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>>pam: former gop minnesota governor is taking steps towards the white house. an exploratory committee to raise money. the two-tier minnesota governor says that conservatives have been reaching out to tea party activists. and early voting
6:13 pm
states recruiting his position for the country. former alaska gov. sarah palin is visiting israel with many potential republican candidates. including mit rnmney both of, made trips. and they visited the western wall to see the perimeter. she has a schedule with an israel's prime minister and she will depart, tomorrow. a live look at the bay bridge. the incline for westbound traffic. and going away from the toll plaza what you need to know what the high wind advisory. motorists are warning to be careful as they travel across the bridge. we will be back with much more news, ahead. (music) (music)
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>>pam: the u.s. neregulatory
6:17 pm
has issued a safety review for the power plants in the u.s.. conditions at the hukashimi seem to be stabilizing. and they pulled the fire trucks that were dousing the reactors. however, power seems to be restored to the cooling systems. three and a thousand people living in shelters and 21,000 300,000 are living in shelters 21,000 are feared to be dead. and rumors that people are cutting turned away at shelters because of possible radiation exposure. raw
6:18 pm
mill, add the spinach have contained high levels of radiation. and milk. no word yet on the impact of seafood. >>pam: more real attaradioactive isotopes from japan but the epa says that the amount is a small. the public should not be alarmed. today, we spoke with the administrator that what has been found so far and what the epa is doing. if that could compromise health concerns? >> if your simplistically to look at this radiation. on a scale of 1-100. and we are not even on number one. we are at the minimum. we've remained vigilant and taking a precautionary approach to monitor areas
6:19 pm
from hawaii, guam. with the elderly, and newborns, and compromise to me and systems, they could be the first to protect with compromised-the immune systems. >>pam: and also data collected by the air monitoring system is available to the public. we put a link from our website american military officials say the military efforts to force the no-fly zone and libya has been a success. the u.s. could produce control. no let up today as nearly 80 air strikes with 60 on sunday. >> the third night, anti- aircraft is flooring over tripoli. as nato jets are trying to cripple moammar
6:20 pm
gaddafi is the military so far, the attackers return, safely. the french aircraft are being rearmed for a another mission. french, american and british in the mediterranean targeted these areas. outside the gusty, hundreds of miles east of the capital you can see outside-and gauzy, tanks, armored cars and other military equipment outside the gustbentos inganabenghazi., the monument in tripoli as a victory for supporters of how moammar gaddafi and they say they would use themselves as human shields to protect their leader. >> we are ready for them
6:21 pm
their graves are here. >>pam: of the u.s. efforts said the u.s. involvement will decrease as more targets are destroyed. the outside the gus >>jacqueline: continuing clouds with the stormtracker 4 radar. the shower activity is tapered off a we're still seeing those clouds to the sacramento valley and to the sierras snow showers to the high country. as the storms its of short it will take its approach to the bay area tomorrow afternoon in the approacform of leave. the national weather service has issued a flood watch. with the delta, the carquines strait with two different strong systems. moderate/heavy rainfall they've already seen so much of the ground is saturated. it is as if the water a potted plant. the
6:22 pm
same with the ground of the potential for flooding. not only in this location for even rock slides and mudslides the of rainfall approaching by 3:00 p.m. pockets of the rainfall. and 8:00, it continues to the north bay and delta. with that flood watch for that area 11:00 p.m., continuing to the central valley and also to napa, fairfield. heavy through the overnight hours and that is one will start to see the rain to turn to showers. when state could not be too bad but lingering showers activity into midday wednesday. rainfall totals through midday with a one-quarter in the north bay. three- quarters = central ave. santa cruz = 2 in.! and even more on thursday flooding could be a big concern. the
6:23 pm
rain is picking up again. and carrying over into friday with the chance of rain lingering. we're not come as active pattern just yet. stay with us, we are back after this break. [ male announcer ] the network.
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>>pam: apple approved an iphone application from a religious ministry that encourages people to " cure themselves of homosexuality. and kimberly has this controversy. >> kimberlee: this is not the first time they sa faced a similar by a group from the same name that was against same-sex marriage. in that case to apple got rid of the application the the violative their guidelines of being sensitive to large groups of people. this is called axa this international credit by a christian group. that homosexuality is a choice and the promises that users
6:27 pm
will have freedom from homosexuality from the power of jesus. and apple approved the application of four stars out of five stars indicates that the company believes that there is no objection will cause. this application has backlash from a gay rights groups. hateful, bigotry. you can see that this is a petition to persuade apple to remove that application. it has received 100,000 signatures. very controversial. it is online and it has over 600 of the one store reviews. many people that this is not an act that should be in the itunes store. >>pam: apple probably should comment on this. more news after this.
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crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter our top story come wh more rainfall, scattered showers today and a little bit of a break but only for a few hours. clouds approaching and storms coming tomorrow. a flood watch has been issued with so much rain in so little time. the soil is saturated to the deltoid is in a dire situation carquines st with two different storms on its way. flooding in low-lying areas, the rental approach at 3:00 p.m. and on the coast by 5:00 p.m. the rainfall will approach at 3:00 p.m. and that continues by 8:00 p.m., mainly in the north bay. and also through the delta with the flood advisory at the location. and the carquines straits
6:31 pm
your kron 4 7 day around the bay windy and wet with the possibility of thunderstorms. towards wednesday a short break before another storm imports debate on thursday and it to friday. flooding concerns. haazig madyun >>reporter: on park boulevard, oakland hell's cost a large boulder to come down in oakland hell's causing a large boulder to come down. in oakland hills. traffic is spend rerouted to get a she a technician to come out to make sure it is safe for work crews. >> this reservoir is full to the top and spilling over. this concrete his housing the overflow, with 4.62 in.
6:32 pm
to 97 percent capacity to completely full this is drinking water for gilroy, farmers, ranchers and with 101 percent of the 20 years seasonable average. it is continuing to sell for at least one more week. it is continuing snowfall for at least one more week. >>reporter:tiburon, boats from drifting. and this, ran aground and n tuiburon, maureen kelly. >> in san francisco, working crews are trying to clean up debris. 14th avenue saw its branches and trees they saw
6:33 pm
its share this weekend. it is been a giant mess with working crews taking this all for with 138 calls. received. they will likely receive more. in answering the most urgent, first. >>reporter: epa is telling kron 4 that so far, air monitoring devices have only amounted air traces of so small. the spokesperson says that on a scale from 1-100 is under one the continue to monitor the situation on an hourly basis. t in. theres estacio. >>reporter: the american academy of pediatrics is making changes to car seats. it the biggest is the convertible car seat. most
6:34 pm
people turned that to face forward after 81. they aafter a- and they're saying that that should be kept facing in the same position until the age ttwo. and the booster also has differ requirements. 4 ft. 9 in., >> and barry bonds opening arguments is starting on tuesday. barry bonds is on trial for perjury. not for the use of steroids. that the federal courthouse dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in bay area news, the barry bonds trial is under way one person that will likely testify is kimberly bell. a former mistress of barry bonds. she has spoken to the was tsports
6:35 pm
illustrated, and even took her clothes off for playboy. she will take the stand in the coming weeks. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> two major networks are battling over charlie sheen even his former former host cough cbs.president-cbs, and thy talked about him returning to the show. however, charlie sheen has his own plans that he met with executives from fox. they brainstorm about plans including a late night talk show. >> the hall that is- the hobbit is starting to correct this starting to to-wrecked this film he has directed the lord of the rings, martin freeman, the
6:36 pm
hobbit will be released into different parts. investigators are dealing with and he after wcleff sean said of the was blood everywhere when he was shot in the hand. the bullet did not hit him it was a piece of glass from the shattered window. he is out of hospital and to define. kimberly sakamoto, kron 4. busta rhymes was also in the vehicle.
6:37 pm
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room a funnel cloud is caught on the you tube. let me show you exactly what happened. you can see the traditional funnel shape that looks like there is no
6:40 pm
rainfall. the national weather service issued a tornado with a severe thunderstorm warnings this afternoon for portions of the county. and glenn county. these warnings ended at 4:15 and no damage reported. >>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: i told you that i would keep you in the loop of this homeless encampment near communications boulevard. located next to these homes. people living in these conditions with trash and rotting food piling up. the police and the cleaning crew arrived. >> basically, san francisco police department came through here and told us that we cannot be here because people up there are complaining. i do not know what they're complaining about because we keep to themselves we keep to ourselves--and i do not evecause any problems.
6:41 pm
>>stanley: this pit bulll and they're going to wet to move. >> i will pick up my trash. >> they're going to have to move it i and this i what looked like before, and this is what look like after and that they will be back to finish. and what is over the overpass for a brand new mattress still and a plastic bag has made its way. the people have claimed to have no knowledge of a pending cleanup. for them, it is business as usual. what ever the case i asked thomas and just for what their plans were and will follow the tracks to find a new home and jennifer and thomas. and i asked why not go to a shelter? it is only one
6:42 pm
block away. most people say there's no privacy or there would be treated poorly. and how did thomas become homeless? his response was a few bad choices. >>pam: in stanford, a four year on beaten- unbeaten run, they will try to continue that winning streak... [ jerry ] look at this!
6:43 pm
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>> gary: good evening, the barry bonds trial is under way. a jury has been selected. after five hours of questioning prosecutors and his lawyers agreed on 12 tours and alternates. 12- jurors. with foreman, a
6:46 pm
woman. tomorrow, it is with four-man, and eight women. jennifer bell is expected to testify. >>pam: cardoza haazig mady >> gary: a new reporter, t. j. stone and that is great, powerful. the great stone will be covering the barry bonds trial. >>pam: dan kerman also. >> gary: team coverage. >>jacqueline: even the weather. and >> gary: and he cheated in the game of baseball? that is what started the whole thing. and with r j stone just a fantastic. really,
6:47 pm
and i remember he is our new guy. >>pam: yes. >> gary: stay with >>pam: do not cry [laughter] >> gary: i could not believe all of building the was sharks on fire, tomorrow. through calgary. and the outstanding rookie says that the lower body injury knocked him out of the recent game. not as serious as the originally feared. this leading scorer of 27 goals of the most by a rookie in for franchise history. the first score, palezki is been playing really well for the playoffs next month. stanford just under we come around to of the n.c.a.a. women's tournament at home. vs. st. john. a special light for stanford seniors.
6:48 pm
genethe senior class has never lost. this, one way or the other will be the last game they have won 62 games in a row. they want to make sure for a perfect record. >> ashley, it is an incredible feat. hopefully, if we were card will be able to do something special. and if we work-hard, we will be that legacy that we have been taught has not to beat defeated. >> gary: when we return, the baseball reports with of vern glenn. if you think that stone is good on the bonds trial? vern glenn has a condominium and the desert from coverage for preseason
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> gary: n.c.a.a. record basketball. the numbers show that spread across four networks. 8.4 million of yours up 14% from last year. when the games for only on network. and now, espn has made a plea for the tournament and they had numerous offers. it is time for baseball. by the bay. (music) oh my gosh! >> gary: tonight, it will be chuck's automobile of concord. it is " follow me home " to the segment. a
6:53 pm
baseball special. and vern? >> arizona, and willie mays and i have known for years. when he tries to make a point that because we vern. >> gary: and when he calls to pee-wee? do you say something? >> vern: and i sat down with a little bit for him and here it is. >> gary: okay. >> vern: on any day, you could run into the willie mays. he could be the critical famer. add with ted williams, saying that he invented the game before willie mays. he played the midsummer classic 24 times. he is not only the greatest living ballplayer. but i do not like hearing that. and i
6:54 pm
said wait a minute. and i have to be passed away before i am getting credit? >> vern: a world series in 1954. he only lost to the yankees in seven games. i asked him have so the loss of the world series title. >> if you look at what they did and how they did it? it was not... it was old style. everybody did something good. a showstopper, a home run, abc it, it's something to do something. an outfielder would come in to do something. -a base hit. that was a sign of a good ball club. >> vern: his guts on, barry bonds. >> i've not spoken to bear- his godson
6:55 pm
>> i've not spoken to barry bonds but it is a different area. and i think that he would be allowed to come back. he would enjoy applying today. i've not spoken to him and four or five months. >> gary: serious this is? >> yes. and he seems to be doing well. and he will have story after story and he has a book coming up. >> gary: to the players pick is brain? >> yes. and he is always there. and relaz, is here every day. >> gary: a fun moment? >> vern: he is a dodger fan and this thing was that
6:56 pm
what happened. >> i have my jackie robertson hat. >> were to to get that? >> check in robertson, you got that from the stadium? [laughter] >> he was from the dodgers. >> jackie were you guys friends? >> yes. is that a joke? >> gary: and brian wilson with a strained rib cage. >> vern: have to be carefully as a thoroughbred. they do have options but to have to take care of that guy if you want to go of the ddistance. >> gary: another examination tomorrow? and the chance to win the tickets. featuring vern glenn we will
6:57 pm
send you to giants baseball. and you can affo enjoy, courtesy
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
it's time to take you deeper inside tonight's top story. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. backstage at kirstie's final dancing rehearsal tonight. is she fighting with maks. >> who's already bruised. who decided to see a therapist. and -- >> is someone hooking up? what cameras caught before tonight's showdown. our last-minute run through. >> ladies, look. i'll take off my shirt -- >> plus, "dancing's" backstory, the original british version. tom's first co-host and the first soap star winner. >> kelly and alex! baby louis's first steps. we're with mom sandra. >> renee and bradley's weekend apart after their breakup? reese with her groom to be this weekend. plus --


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